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One-on-One Graceful Transition Program

Are you going through a transition and would like to navigate it gracefully, take control of the situation while going with the flow?

The Graceful Transition Program is a six-month coaching and success program for women in transition.
Graceful Transition

Are some of these statements true for you?


  • You’ve been postponing and pushing a decision related to a transition, in the hope of never having to make it. But if you were honest with yourself, you’d admit that it’s time to make that decision and move on. The problem is you have no clue where to start.
  • You’re still sorting things out but internally you already said YES to a big change in your life. You’ve joyfully surrendered to it and to its prospects of renewal and change.  However, you need to own it, take an active part in it and make sure it’s a success.  You definitely want to enjoy the ride. You’re looking for help to shape your journey and make it right!
  • You’ve been thinking or planning an important transition for quite some time and you’re in the midst of this change. It is a change that you welcome wholeheartedly. And now that you’re making the big leap, you need help to figure out your next big step, create a strategy that holds together and a way to make it all happen smoothly and gracefully.
  • You’ve been ‘pushed’ into a transition that is outside of your control, that you have not chosen. You may feel helpless or even act like a victim.  But let’s face it: there’s no going back. Things are in motion. So you ask yourself: What’s my next step? Where do I go from here? What are my options, my choices? And most importantly how can I discover opportunities in what seems now like an obstacle?


As for most of my current clients, Graceful Transition is the right program for you if you’re in a situation similar to this:


  • You need to make a major informed decision about an important change in your life, collect facts, review all your options and get a sounding board to bounce possibilities and alternatives;
  • You’re on the verge of making a transition and need to validate your choices and take an active role in its development;
  • You have taken a decision but need to create a strategy to make a graceful and successful transition, identify your next steps and an action plan to keep you on track;
  • You struggle with hesitation, doubts and fears regarding the transition; You may think that it is impossible, difficult, that you do not deserve it or any other similar negative beliefs that stop you from playing big;
  • You’re tired of acting like a victim or feeling helpless. You’re ready to take ownership of your situation and are looking for ways to take control back over your life and the direction it’s going;
  • You’re afraid you will not succeed, or even worse, afraid to succeed. Like many, you may feel you’ll loose something important if you succeed, as if success was tied to a feeling of disloyalty towards loved ones;
  • You are ready and confident about your transition and need to equip yourself with new tools, skills and expertise in order to excel in the new scheme.


The Graceful Transition Program is a private program designed to take you step by step through the phases of transition, and gives you an ongoing access to an experienced coach and transition facilitator, who emphatically listens to you AND pushes you to play big, keeping you in action and on track.  This is your guarantee to reach your objectives and attract the transformation you desire, define and deserve.

The Graceful Transition Program is a flexible yet proven approach that will give you all the tools necessary to navigate through the transition, gain control over your life while allowing you to let go and enjoy the ride.

The formula is simple. If you want to transition from where you are today to where you want to be, gracefully and successfully, you need to go through the following three phases:

  1. Assessment & Acceptance, taking full ownership of your transition, assessing and understanding where you are and empowering yourself with choices.
  2. Building a Solid Foundation, a clear vision, a positive belief system based on self-reliance and self-esteem, leveraging your strengths, and identifying the knowledge and skills you need to navigate your transition gracefully.
  3. Strategy & Action.  At this stage you are in full in control of your transformation, creating and celebrating successes with self-confidence and the knowing that you are steadily moving towards your desired destination.


These three comprehensive steps are the building blocks of an easy yet structured approach to transition. And what a better way to transition through these phases, than to do it with the help and support of an experienced transition coach, who has a vested interest in your success, because it is tied to hers as well.

Below I’ll tell you all about the Graceful Transition Program, what you can expect if you join and how it is structured to produce such powerful results. 


Objectives of the Program

In this program you will learn life-changing skills, that you can use over an over again, in future transformations, exciting projects or in any future endeavor.

  1. You will learn how to get clarity on where you want to go and what you want to become; this clarity will give you the power to achieve your goals.
  2. You will identify your core values so you can use them as your personal compass when making decision and choices.
  3. You will make decisions and important choices joyfully, following your vision and your core values.
  4. You will learn how to recognize and break limiting patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck and hinder your progress.
  5. You will learn the art of brainstorming creatively to uncover new options and perspectives.
  6. You will learn how to see opportunities in obstacles by viewing events under different angles and perspectives.
  7. You will recognize your strengths and genius zone so you can choose more of those activities that give you strength and joy.
  8. You will be motivated to do what it takes when you have clarity and focus.
  9. You will learn to notice your ‘ego’ voice, and replace negative beliefs with positive supporting ones.
  10. You will build a support network of people and resources that you can draw on when you need to.


The Results and Benefits You Can Expect:

  • Increase the velocity of your transition, that is get to your destination faster because you don’t have to go through it alone and learn with trial and error. You can leverage the experience and competence of your coach, following a proven approach that works.
  • Take control of the transition and make sure it is going exactly where you want it to go, by powerfully clarifying your vision and taking action to ensure its success.
  • Learn to let go of all the things you cannot control so you can optimize your time and efforts and concentrate on what you can change or influence.
  • Create balance in your life. This means managing your time and energies so that you run your transition, your transition doesn’t run you. It also means loving the place you’re at and enjoying the transformation as it is about to unfold.
  • Increase your perspectives on situations and events, so you can always uncover new options and opportunities for learning and growing.
  • Break limiting patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck and hinder your progress, replacing them with new positive and empowering ones.


Unique Features of My Program

6 months of personal one-on-one coaching is often the appropriate duration required to start a transition and bring it to fruition. If you feel that your personal situation requires more – or less – time, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will work with you to create a customized package that will suit your needs.


Unrestricted Coaching Access: You will set the pace and determine how often we meet, how many scheduled sessions we have and how long the sessions are, subject to prior commitments. I never assess an hourly or per-session fee, because I believe you should not have to make an investment decision every time my assistance may be needed. This is a unique feature of my coaching business.


Unrestricted Email Service: In addition to our scheduled sessions, you may also email me with a quick question or clarification between sessions, when you are taking action towards your transformation.


Proven Process & Workbook:  In addition to the flexible 3-steps process that I outlined earlier, you will get your copy of the Transition Workbook, so you can organize your thoughts and document your personal transition process. This material becomes your property and you will have a chance to reuse this creative transition process over and over again in all your future changes.


Over the Phone or Skype Coaching so you can experience flexibility and take your coaching call from the comfort of your home, office or a preferred location where you feel relaxed or energized and creative. You will never have to worry about traffic and wasting valuable time.  This flexibility has benefited my clients who took their coaching sessions regardless of the country or city they live in.


Simple and Fun. Experience an enjoyable and fun transition journey, even when you’re going through tough times or hard decisions.


100% Money Back Guarantee and Peace of Mind so you can sign up for coaching without feeling remorse and without second-guessing yourself.  Transitions are often stressful events in one’s life, so there is no need to add undue stress when making a decision to get professional guidance and support.   Details available when registering.


Actual Results

In my private and group coaching programs, I have had some exceptional results. Here are some testimonies results reported by previous clients:


Your Group Coaching and One-on-One Coaching Allowed Me to Move Forward…And You Reminded Me of the Reasons WHY I Wanted to Make Important Choices In My Life.
Thank you Myriam very much for the time you dedicated to coaching me personally. You allowed me to define my objectives, make the right choices in both my personal and professional life. More importantly, you reminded me of the reasons WHY I wanted to make those important choices in my life. Your coaching also allowed me to take ownership of the choices I make and to move forward.
To all those who need a guide to reach their goals and remember WHY they want to do it, I can attest that you are the perfect coach.
* Translated from original french testimonial.
Ton Coaching – personnel et de groupe – m’a permis d’aller de l’avant.
Merci beaucoup Myriam pour le temps que tu m’as consacré en coaching. Tu m’as aidée à définir mes objectifs, à faire les bons choix dans ma vie personnelle et professionnelle et surtout à me rappeler des raisons pour lesquelles je voulais faire ces changements important dans ma vie. Ton coaching m’a aussi permis d’être responsable des choix que j’ai fait et d’aller de l’avant.

A tous ceux qui ont besoin d’un guide pour atteindre leurs objectifs et se rappeler des raisons pour lesquelles ils le font, je peux témoigner que tu es la coach parfaite.’’

Christine Koral
Courtier immobilier hypothécaire
En partenariat avec Les Architectes Hypothécaires


Myriam Has This Ability to Build on One’s Strengths, Help Us Focus and Believe in Our Inner Potential. I Highly Recommend Her to Anyone Who Feels Stuck and Needs That Extra Nudge to Go to Their Full Potential.

As a successful businesswoman, I have been making presentations to executives and business audiences for quite some time. When I was offered to speak in a multi-speakers event, I felt a lot of pressure to perform and match with the other invited great speakers.  Myriam coached me through the process and helped me realize that I did not have to compete on any level nor change the way I was presenting.  She made me understand that speaking from the heart was my biggest asset as it had always been my ‘winning formula’.  She reminded me to concentrate on my audience, connect with them and stay true to myself.

The next day, I went out there and I swept my audiences by being authentic.  I was amazed to realize that it was not as much about the performance but rather about the ‘caring’ that I always carried within me. This experience was uplifting and I am grateful to Myriam for coaching me through the process and making it seem so easy. She has this ability to build on one’s strengths, help us focus and believe in our inner potential. I highly recommend her to anyone who feels stuck and needs that extra nudge to go to their full potential.

Elsebeth Hansson

CBI Representative, Real Estate Investments


I had the honor to meet Myriam at a seminar and she became my personal coach. Our sessions were very helpful to me, as they allowed me to clarify my objectives and goals and to set up a structured action plan in order to reach them. I finally discovered the business area that interests me most and suits my needs: 1) working from home via the web, making me independent and allowing me to work from anywhere in the world without having to commute; 2) No need for me to meet people and sell them anything they don’t want; 3) Get the money to work FOR me instead of me working for money and 4) Get high returns on other people’s money in a win-win scenario. My choices and motivations were the fruit of multiple previous readings but they were cemented by the reflection I made during my coaching sessions. Thank you Myriam for your very precious help during the summer and fall.
Charles Martel, Anjou, Qc
Businessman and Investor


J’ai eu la grande chance de rencontrer Myriam à une session de formation et elle est  devenue mon coach personnel. Nos sessions ont été fort instructives pour moi, m’aidant à clarifier mes buts et objectifs et à établir une démarche structurée pour m’aider à les atteindre. J’ai enfin trouvé le domaine qui m’intéresse: 1) un travail à domicile, via le web-indépendance, pas de déplacement, peut être fait de n’importe où dans le monde; 2) pas besoin de rencontrer des gens pour leur vendre quelque chose; 3) faire travailler l’argent POUR moi, au lieu de travailler pour l’argent; 4) faire travailler l’argent des autres avec un effet multiplicateur, pour que tout le monde y gagne.  Mon choix et mes motivations ont été basés sur mes lectures antérieures et cimentés par la réflexion faite au cours des séances de coaching.  Merci Myriam pour ta précieuse aide au cours de l’été et de l’automne.

Charles Martel, Anjou, Qc

Homme d’affaire et investisseur autonome



Here are a few of the concerns past participants have raised:

It is quite an undertaking to join a 6-months program! Above all else, you want to make sure you get the value you’re looking for and actually gain the success measures that you will set for yourself.

Q. What if my transition is unique, different?  Is this a cookie-cutter approach? And how will it help me?

A. Though my approach is based on a successful process that takes you through the different transition phases, it is first and foremost a coaching program, which revolves around you and your situation.

I have coached many clients so far and they have all reached their goals, some of them by far exceeding their initial expectations. You can check the success stories page to find out more about them.

Let me also add that many of my clients, after completing their 6-months coaching program, have renewed their commitment for an additional 12-months, to tackle new issues and go to the next level. I hope this bit of information can give you an insight into the value of this coaching program.


Q. What if I get stuck? After all, I’ve been there before and I do not know how this is going to be different.

A.  The short answer is that I will hold you accountable and will support you in multiple ways, creating significant shifts in your outlook and move you into action.

The caveat is that you have to do the work: the growing, the introspection, the vision, the weeding of negative beliefs, the actions to make it all happen.  What I can guarantee is that you will never feel alone in your journey and you will find all the support you need to get you unstuck and put you in a positive proactive place.


What if I have to miss one or more scheduled call?

A. This happens with everyone. You may have prescheduled vacations or an emergency. Of course, I ask you to make our private sessions a priority, and not to schedule anything over these sessions unless absolutely necessary.

Your package is valid for 6 months with unrestricted access, subject to prior commitments. So all you have to do in this situation is schedule additional sessions.  I will also ask you, as a sign of respect, to let me know of your absences as early as possible so I can manage my calendar and make myself available to other clients.


Q. What if I don’t like the program?

A. Usually after our pre-selection call, you will have a pretty good idea of what to expect and likewise, I will know if we are a good fit to work together.  During the course of the program, if you have doubts and hesitations, it will most likely be due to the fact that you are pushed past your comfort zone, questioning some of your limiting beliefs and facing new options.  Coming to certain realizations may be hard and clients may find it easier to retreat and bail out.  One thing is absolutely guaranteed: I will be supporting you in these moments of doubts so you can continue on your path of growth.

And remember that you can always take advantage of my 100% satisfaction guarantee during the first month of the program. If you decide, at the end of the first month, that coaching is not for you,   your contract will be terminated and reimbursed minus some minimal administration fees.


Call me or email me NOW for a free 20 min. consultation on how you can get started!