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Delightful Decision Making Session

Would You Like to Brainstorm Freely, Explore New Options & Perspectives Leading to an Important Decision?


The Delightful Decision Making Session ™ is a one-time facilitated session with an experienced and certified coach.

Are Some of These Statements True for You?

  • You’ve been postponing a decision in the hope of never having to make it. But honestly, you know deep down that it’s time to make that decision and move on. The problem is, you have no clue where to start.
  • You’ve been tossing a few options in your mind and know you do not have all the data or resources required to make an informed decision. You would like help to figure out what your next steps should be.
  • You need a ‘thinking’ partner with whom you can brainstorm freely, toss ideas, get feedback, hear new perspectives and insight, bounce possibilities and review your options so you are confident about the decision you’ll make.
  • You’ve taken a decision but need to create a strategy to identify your next steps and an action plan to keep you on track;
  • You struggle with hesitation and would like to validate your decision process.

If one of the above statement applies to you, the ‘Delightful Decision Making’ Session could be what you need right now.

thinking about my options!

The Delightful Decision Making Session will Allow You to:

  • Explore new options and possibilities that you may not have seen or noticed before;
  • Increase your perspective on the situation you’re facing, so you can discover new opportunities available to you;
  • Clear limiting beliefs that keep you stuck so you can move forward in your decision process;
  • Organize your thoughts and document your decision process thanks to the pre-session assessment and the in-session decision worksheets that you will get to use;
  • Keep momentum and Remain in action after the session, knowing exactly what your next steps are.


You Will Walk Away With the Following Benefits:

  • A commitment to a decision or a to plan that will lead you to one;
  • A feeling of happiness and resolution because you reached a successful decision;
  • Equipped to reuse this creative decision making process over and over for all your future decisions.


Unique Features of My Program That You Will Enjoy:

  • A one-time coaching session where you can pick my brain, use me as your sounding board, brainstorming partner to review your situation and the decision you need to make;
  • Access to a Decision Process & worksheets: Once you sign up you will get a pre-assessment questionnaire that will help you clearly state and identify your decision issue.   During the Delightful Decision Making Session ™ you will be provided with a worksheet to record  the decision elements and process that you used;
  • Over the Phone or Skype Coaching so you can take your coaching call from the comfort of your home, office or a preferred location and experience flexibility. You will not have to worry about traffic and wasting valuable time.  This flexibility benefits clients as they can take this session regardless of your country or city.


It Was Something That Was Sincerely Outside of My Comfort Zone. I Have Never Even Considered Anything Like That Before in My Life. Myriam Showed Me That I Had the Decision Inside Me All Along and She Taught Me How To Listen To Myself.

Jason ChechikA short while ago, I was presented with an opportunity for a major investment. It was something that was sincerely outside of my comfort zone. I have never even considered anything like that before in my life. Myriam and I spent a lot of time going over the pros and cons of the decision and finally I decided to go with it. She showed me that I had the decision inside me all along and she taught me HOW to listen to myself. She didn’t give me investment advice or her feelings on whether or not it would work out. Her techniques allowed me to remove the emotional aspect of making the decision and to listen to myself to determine if it was right for me. It was important for me to remember the wealth triangle: It has to be the right investment, in the right vehicle, and the right ME!

Thank you sincerely Myriam for helping me through that tough decision.

Jason Chechik
Co-owner & Technical Director of the Best Web Creation System

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