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DareToDream Full-day Workshop

DareToDream Full-day Workshopsign up sept 19,2015

Full day + 2 private sessions


Dream Big!

Dream Big!


  • A motivated professional with big dreams and aspirations?
  • Convinced you possess an unearthed, non-manifested potential within you?
  • Feeling stuck despite the fact that you have great ideas?
  • Willing to get out of your comfort zone in order to achieve a cherished desire?
  • Ready to benefit from a highly supportive, motivating environment?
  • In need of an accountability partner who cares for you and your success?
  • Ready for a major change and a wonderful journey towards fulfillment?

… Then you are the perfect candidate for our next DareToDream workshop

Join DareToDream and meet like minded people who share the same challenges and aspirations as you! If you’re ready to turn your personal or professional aspirations into reality, get on board,take charge of your destiny and fulfill your dreams.

As your coach and success strategist, I will facilitate the DareToDream workshop and will enable the co-creative conditions, so the group can act as a catalyst to your transformation. You will witness meaningful change and take dynamic actions towards your goals, soaring to new levels of success!

In this DareToDream workshop, you will:

  • Develop a clarity of purpose;
  • Harness your dream to your passion;
  • Develop a strong belief in your strengths;
  • Focus on your goals and your SMART inspired actions;
  • Generate motivation and accountability;
  • Develop a support network;
  • Have fun and enjoy the journey on the road to fulfilment.

Sign up NOW! SEPTEMBER 19, 2015

Seats are limited:

  • DareToDream workshop is a full-day, intensive, participative workshop where you will define your dream and develop a sensible long-term action plan;
  • DareToDream workshop does not stop there: You receive an additional 2 personal and private coaching sessions in the weeks following the workshop, because we know that it takes 21 days to establish new habits and we want to make sure you succeed in achieving your dream;
  • DareToDream is an affordable alternative to personal one-on-one coaching. Fees may be tax deductible as a business expense. Please check with your accountant/ tax advisor.

Full day + 2 private sessions

Reserve YOUR spot NOW or learn more by emailing: info@soar2successnow.com

DareToDream is a creative coaching service offered by Soar2SuccessNow©