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Inspirational Seminars & Workshops

Soar2SuccessNow© offers a series of inspirational, motivational speeches & workshops and will gladly address your teams, clients or members. Our dynamic coach, Myriam Najjar, shares her experiences and inspires audiences with her personal belief in the power of manifestation and her no-nonsense approach to goals & objectives.

  • Live Your Dream: 5 Steps to Turn Your Dreams into Reality
  • Truths & Myths about Goal Setting
  • Are You Heading Towards an Energy Crisis?  Manage Your Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Energy
  • New Year Resolutions: Make Them and Keep Them!
  • It’s About Time: How to Effectively Get Things Done and Have More Time to Do the Things You Love.



IIBA Montréal - 8 Mai 2013

IIBA Montréal – 8 Mai 2013