Is this You?

You would be interested to work with me if you’re a woman in transition who needs to know how to get from where she is to where she wants to be; I will help you navigate big changes gracefully so you can balance feeling in control with going with the flow.

My ideal clients usually have one or more of the following qualities:  

  • Self motivated individuals
  • Professionals, business owners or self employed solopreneurs who have experienced successes in their personal or professional life
  • Value their time and are interested in getting rapid results
  • Interested in their personal growth, typically investing in personal development books, seminars or courses
  • Have high work ethics standards
  • Understand and appreciate the value of coaching

Transition is defined as the process or the period of changing from one state or condition to another. 

woman focusing on her futureYou could be going through different changes in your life such as:

  • Transitioning from a job or a career to a self-employed entrepreneur, initiating your heart-aligned business
  • Transitioning from a stay-at-home mom to a working mom
  • Transitioning through a promotion or career change, from a field you’re competent at and recognized for, to something new, challenging but unfamiliar
  • Transitioning from an empty nester to building a fulfilling life where you retake the center stage
  • Transitioning to a new social status due to a separation, a divorce, the loss of a life-partner or building a step-family
  • Transitioning from a successful career to an early retirement and a life full of choices: leisure, travel, personal interests, volunteering and even a new career;
  • And more…

Although the circumstances and the nature of the transition may differ, the feelings and the challenges that women have to deal with during a transition tend to be pretty similar.


Most of my clients face at least one of these situations.  Are some of these statements true for you?


  • You want to take control of your transition and you’re looking for ways to shape it and control its outcome, to your benefit, enjoying the ride;
  • You’re paralyzed with indecision.  You’ve been postponing a decision related to a transition, in the hope of never having to make it. But to be honest with yourself, you know that it’s time to go ahead and move on. The problem is you have no clue where to start;
  • You are stuck.  You struggle with hesitation, doubts, and fears regarding the transition; You may think that it is impossible, difficult, that you do not deserve it or any other similar negative beliefs that stop you from playing big;
  • You feel overwhelmed by all the changes that are manifesting in your life.  You need to prioritize, put some order in your life and take control back.


And, like most of my current clients, you are likely to benefit from my coaching when you’re in a situation similar to this:


  • You’ve been ‘pushed’ into a transition that is outside of your control,that you have not chosen. You may feel helpless or even act like a victim.  But let’s face it: there’s no going back. Things are in motion. So you ask yourself: What’s my next step? Where do I go from here? What are my options, my choices? And most importantly how can I discover opportunities in what seems now like an obstacle?
  • You’re tired of acting like a victim or feeling helpless. You’re ready to take ownership of your situation and are looking for ways to take control back over your life and the direction it’s going;
  • You need to make a major informed decision about an important change in your life, collect facts, review all your options and get a sounding board to bounce possibilities and alternatives;
  • You want to overcome your fears of failure, because somewhere deep down, you know that you can succeed and you deserve it.  So you are ready to do what it takes to transition successfully.
  • You’re still sorting things out but internally you already said YES to this big change in your life. You’ve joyfully surrendered to it and to the prospects of renewal and change.  However, you need to own it, take an active part in it and make sure it’s a success.  You definitely want to enjoy the ride. You’re looking for help to shape your journey and make it right!
  • You’re on the verge of making a transition and need to validate your choices and take an active role in the way your life will develop and unfold.  You want to be in control of where you’re going and enjoy the journey that will take you there;
  • You’ve taken a decision but need to create a strategy to make a graceful and successful transition, identify your next steps and an action plan to keep you on track;
  • You’re excited about your  transition and want to equip yourself with new tools, skills and expertise in order to excel in the new scheme;
  • You’re ready to make the jump! You’ve been planning this important transition for quite some time and you need someone to help you make the right choices along the way.
  • You’re in the midst of a change. It is a transition that you welcome wholeheartedly. And now that you’re making the big leap, you need help to figure out your next step, create a strategy that holds together and a way to make it all happen smoothly and gracefully;


You are MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED using my collaborative coaching approach if you are:

  • Open to understand the transition you’re facing
  • Self motivated and willing to try new approaches
  • Capable to take action and follow through on your commitment
  • Eager to do the right things in order to discover or follow your passion
  • Willing and ready to reach and maintain a balanced life
  • Ready to face your fears, understand the negative beliefs that keep you stuck and replace them with new empowering ones
  • Curious to see how you can turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Looking forward to a graceful transition
  • Willing and eager to succeed

This approach would probably NOT be a good fit for you if:

  • You’re not ready (or not willing) to do the necessary work
  • You’re afraid to stand out or rise above the norm
  • You’re looking for easy ready-made answers
  • You want someone else to do the work for you
  • You’re complacent in the role of the victim
  • You’re uncomfortable with the idea of success


As long as you’re a person who is able to take action, willing to face your fears and ready to live a graceful transition, you will benefit from putting my methods to work.

Now that you know the kind of clients I work with, the issues I help them resolve and what they need to do to succeed, click on this link to learn more about How I Work.