Ease and Joy – Can one use them in the same sentence with the word ‘Goals’?

YES, You Can Manifest Your Goals with Ease & Joy!

I would like to invite you to a great hands-on workshop on how to create your goals and manifest them with EASE and JOY, the idea here is to make   it really easy, fun and joyful to set a goal and achieve it!

I will walk you through a simple 4-step system of 

In other words a great way to bring together your Creative Mind, Your Heart, Your Spirit and your Active Mind in everything you do.   

If you are committed to change, then It is more than certain that you will get results. It is really easy and I am excited to have the opprotunity to share some of these nuggets with you on the evening of March 13th.

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Why this seminar?

We’re already in March! We had a great winter so far and most of us have been busy working, studying, learning and meeting with friends and new people.

Most of us have also been trying to make 2012 a different year:  an amazing year full of promise and new beginings.

Did you make resolutions this year or did you want to commit but did not have a chance to get around to it?

Are you struggling to keep ALL your resolutions, your goals and your projects on target?

Have you been encountering inner resistance?  A behavior that blocks your progress despite all your good intentions and good will? You may be subject to what is called self-sabotage: negative beliefs that you’ve been carrying for years, consciously or unconsciously, blocking your progress and creating inner resistance.   Self sabotage has many names: procrastination, fear, self-doubt and lack of self-esteen and self-worth and many other desguises.

The good news is that with a bit of practice and consistency you can unblock those beliefs and replace them with new ones!

The great W. Clement Stone said:   Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. 

Let me show you how

Whatever You Conceive and Believe, if you’re ready to Receive, You Will Achieve.

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  1. Rita Ziade

    Salut Myriam,

    c’est super interessant! j’aimerai bien y etre…

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