Are You Navigating Big Changes in Your Life and Would Like to Make a Successful and Graceful Transition?

Then You’ve Come to the Right Place.

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Whether you’ve been planning your transition carefully or on the contrary, find yourself right in the middle of turmoil, trying to evaluate your options, identify the best course of action or simply define where you want to be, I can help you navigate any big changes gracefully so you can balance feeling in control with going with the flow.


You are probably going through one of the following issues:

You want to take control of your transition and you’re looking for ways to shape it and control its outcome, to your benefit, enjoying the ride.

You’re paralyzed with indecision.  You’ve been postponing a decision related to a transition, in the hope of never having to make it. But to be honest with yourself, you know that it’s time to go ahead and move on. The problem is you have no clue where to start.

You are stuck.  You struggle with hesitation, doubts, and fears regarding the transition; You may think that it is impossible, difficult, that you do not deserve it or any other similar negative beliefs that stop you from playing big;

You feel overwhelmed by all the changes that are manifesting in your life.  You need to prioritize, put some order in your life and take control back.


My recipe for a graceful transition is based on a 3-steps approach that will empower you to clarify your destination and reach it through actions. Through my coaching programs, you will be able to:

  • Creatively explore new options and perspectives
  • Create a clear vision of where you want to be
  • Take ownership of your transition
  • Overcome doubts, fears and negative beliefs
  • Free yourself from what keeps you stuck and start playing big.
  • Recognize your ‘genius’ and strengths
  • Create a successful strategy for your transition
  • Celebrate every step of the way, small and big and enjoy every moment of your journey.



If you like the sound of that, I’ve got some free resources to help you get started.



When you join my interest list,  you’ll get instant access to a detailed Transition Assessment.   It will help you clearly identify where you stand today and where you want to be at the end of the transition.  By answering five significant key questions, it will help you sort out your thoughts and understand your current situation. It will also provide you with strategies that you can use and apply right away so you can navigate those big changes gracefully and balance feeling in control with going with the flow… all that for FREE!


Your One-on-One Coaching Allowed Me to Move Forward…And You Reminded Me of the Reasons WHY I Wanted to Make Important Choices In My Life.

Thank you Myriam very much for the time you dedicated to coaching me personally. You allowed me to define my objectives, make the right choices in both my personal and professional life. More importantly, you reminded me of the reasons WHY I wanted to make those important choices in my life. Your coaching also allowed me to take ownership of the choices I make and to move forward.
To all those who need a guide to reach their goals and remember WHY they want to do it, I can attest that you are the perfect coach.
* Translated from original french testimonial.


Ton Coaching personnel m’a permis d’aller de l’avant.

Merci beaucoup Myriam pour le temps que tu m’as consacré en coaching. Tu m’as aidée à définir mes objectifs, à faire les bons choix dans ma vie personnelle et professionnelle et surtout à me rappeler des raisons pour lesquelles je voulais faire ces changements important dans ma vie. Ton coaching m’a aussi permis d’être responsable des choix que j’ai fait et d’aller de l’avant.

A tous ceux qui ont besoin d’un guide pour atteindre leurs objectifs et se rappeler des raisons pour lesquelles ils le font, je peux témoigner que tu es la coach parfaite.’’

Christine Koral
Courtier immobilier hypothécaire


As a Personal Coach, I Found Myriam to Be an Absolutely Excellent Accountability Partner. I Recommend Her as a Coach, Teacher and Mentor.

As Myriam’s coaching client, I have found her to be an absolutely excellent accountability partner. She listens well, is highly supportive, stays close to my goals, and always asks questions that help me grow. I am so grateful to have her by my side as I move into the next phase of my professional life. I most definitely recommend her as a coach, teacher and mentor.
Hired Myriam as a Career Coach in 2009.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Leah Beck, CTACC


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